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TODs Could Sprout Around Logan Square Blue Line Station

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This evening, the first of three meetings hosted by Alderman Rey Colon and the Metropolitan Planning Council will take place at the Hairpin Arts Center to discuss the redesign and future use of the Logan Square Blue Line station's bus turnaround, its surrounding plaza and a nearby parking lot occupy along Emmett Street. The meetings will discuss two plans already being floated for the area: the Bicentennial Improvement Project, a plan to reshape the Illinois Centennial Monument's roundabout to become more pedestrian friendly, and the Logan Square Corridor Development Initiative, which would bolster new developments along Milwaukee Avenue. The CTA has also hinted that it may be open to allowing new transit oriented developments to spring up on the highly desirable, yet underused city-owned property.

The meetings will discuss current plans created by neighborhood residents, but will also seek input from attending residents to discuss other ideas for the sites. After the meetings have concluded, and a final plan produced, a request for proposals will be issued next year.

All meetings will take place at the Hairpin Arts Center from 6pm-8pm, with the first taking being held this evening. The second meeting will take place on Tuesday, September 16 and the final meeting will be on Tuesday, September 30.

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