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Is Golub's South Loop Apartment Tower Finally Happening?

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It's been nearly three years since developer Golub & Company announced a plan to develop a 39-story apartment tower on State Street at 9th Street in the South Loop, but there really hasn't been much movement on that front since. The city approved the purchase of the land early last year, but other than that it's just been crickets. Today, however, the parking lot on the site has been closed and surrounded with the type of fencing you usually see around construction sites.

We haven't heard anything conclusive, but it's hard to imagine they'd want to stop earning money from the parkers (many of which were city-owned vehicles) unless they were close to beginning construction. The most recent render of the project dates back to 2012, so what you see above might not be representative of what's actually coming, but so far the story hasn't changed that Solomon Cordwell Buenz (SCB) is designing the 39-story, 396-unit luxury apartment building. As of 2012, about 250 parking spaces were to be included in that massive podium you see in the render. These days, overabundant parking spaces are going out of fashion, so that number may have shrunk to keep with the times.

The empty lot currently is one of only two undeveloped parcels left on State Street north of Roosevelt, and once filled could go a long way toward improving the feeling of connectedness between the Loop and the South Loop. Hopefully there will be adequate retail at the ground level to improve the pedestrian experience as well.

The South Loop saw a large boom in condo developments during the early-2000s housing bubble and was hit hard when it popped, with a lot of the new projects sitting mostly vacant or converting to apartments at the last minute. Since then, the neighborhood hasn't seen much development at all, though that's been changing lately as it has been all over the city. AMLI Lofts at Clark and Polk is the neighborhood's first apartment building in years, and 1345 Wabash is the first new condo tower anywhere in the city in quite a while.

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