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Will Someone Please Save Frank Lloyd Wright's George Madison Millard House From Its Miserable Existence Already?

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Frank Lloyd Wright's George Madison Millard House in Highland Park may not be as famous as the other home Wright designed for the Millards, but nevertheless, it is certainly significant in its own right. Tucked away on a wooded 0.66 acre lot, the home was first listed in May 2011 for $1.399 million, but has bounced on and off the market numerous times since. The home has now been reduced to $849,000, which the listing states is priced at land value. It's got original art glass, Wright's trademark Prairie lines and a stoic stance. So why can't this Wright find a new owner? Well, for one, it needs a lot of work - potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars worth. Although this home is on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places, it just can't seem to get the respect it deserves. Will someone please just save this classic Wright home already?

·1689 Lake Ave. Highland Park, IL 60035 [Redfin]
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