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Chicago's First 'Shared Street' is Coming Soon to Uptown

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Uptown residents, CDOT and Alderman Harry Osterman are ready to move forward with a $3 million plan to create a "shared street" on Argyle Street from Broadway to Sheridan. The makeover of Argyle Street will create a uniform street and sidewalk level, eliminate curbs, and reduce the speed limit to 15 miles per hour. The plan also calls for larger pedestrian spaces that can be utilized for restaurants or cafes, and different colored pavers will be utilized to differentiate vehicle and pedestrian lanes.

Alderman Osterman believes that the plan will be important for Uptown's economic future, making the area safer and easier for pedestrians and bicyclists to navigate. Before work can begin on the plan, a century-old water main on Argyle needs to be replaced. Once the Department of Water Management completes the job, work on the streetscape project is expected to begin next spring.

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