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Protesters Prepare for March on Chicago's Toxic Petcoke Piles

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Chicago's battle against the enormous exposed piles of petroleum coke on the Southeast Side will heat up this evening, as marchers plan on taking the fight directly to KCBX Terminals — where the toxic substance is being stored. In June, the Environmental Protection Agency sent KCBX, a subsidiary of Koch Industries, a formal violation notice of the Clean Air Act, as the piles have caused dramatic reductions in air quality and water pollution in the area. Weeks later, the Koch Brothers-owned company threatened to sue the city over a recently passed ordinance which requires that the petcoke piles be covered by 2016.

Tonight's community event will begin at 5pm at the bike trail on 106th Street between Avenues C and D, with a brief rally being held from 5:30pm to 6:00 pm at the trail before heading over to the KCBX facility. The event is a part of a larger effort called Climate March, which is an ongoing roving protest. Tomorrow, the marchers will head over to Indiana, and in seven weeks, the marchers will enter Washington, DC.

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