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New Developments, Demos & Delayed Projects in Streeterville

Fenced off from other business districts of Chicago by the thick wall of retail tourism along Michigan Avenue, Streeterville sometimes feels like a little pocket town all on its own. A lot of the attention in the highrise world has been falling on other areas of downtown, like River North, the Loop, and West Loop — but Streeterville's projects don't seem to get as much. But all around the neighborhood are projects just ramping up or in early stages. Others have been stuck in a holding pattern for years. Take a stroll with us through Streeterville to check out some of the things going on right now.

Rehab Institute of Chicago
The RIC's new Ability Institute is about a year into construction now, set to open in 2017.

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410 East Grand Avenue
This SCB-designed residential and office tower was on hold for a long time, but has now broken ground.

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Optima II
The first Optima Center tower has been receiving acclaim from critics, and now the building's big brother is about to break ground as the site is currently being prepped. Optima Center II will be 57 stories and include both apartments and a hotel.

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Prentice Women's Hospital
Rather than construction, here's some destruction. The Bertrand Goldberg-designed hospital building at Northwestern Memorial is now a pile of rubble. Northwestern will replace it with a newer, taller, glassier tower.

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The Spire
Still in development limbo, the Chicago Spire's spirit still lingers as a massive hole pierced into the earth before early construction was halted. Now, with the new Loews Hotel overlooking, the site fills ever more with vegetation. Maybe there will be cranes and tractors here, some day.

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Prentice Women's Hospital

250 East Superior Street, Chicago, IL 60611 Visit Website

Chicago Spire

400 North Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60611 Visit Website