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Brand Spankin' New Bonkers Bucktown Contempo Asks $3.2M

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This Bucktown contempo is brand new and packed to the gills with all kinds of great amenities. It'll come at a price though - $3.1999 million to be exact. Located on the corner of Oakley and Palmer, this new six bedroom, four and a half bathroom home is situated directly across the street from Holstein Park. So let's take a look here. Beyond the large windows, white-painted millwork and spacey lighting fixtures, this place not only packs a lot of look, but it also sports some pretty fancy amenities, notably its ginormous rooftop deck, heated lap pool and four car garage. Completed by Noah Properties just this year, this home debuted in May for $3.2 million, but has since taken a whopping one hundred dollar price chop since.

·2163 N Oakley Ave. Chicago, IL 60647 [Redfin]