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Developer Plans Second Tech Office Project for Goose Island

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Developer South Street Capital is coming back to Goose Island for seconds, this time with a plan to erect a large 350,000 square foot office development on the old Goose Island Boat Yard site right on the Chicago River. South Street, who is currently in the early stages of transforming a former industrial complex across the street on Bliss Street into high tech office spaces, is bullish on Goose Island, and believes that there is demand for even more office space on the narrow man-made island.
One of the more exciting components of the new proposal is a planned pedestrian and cycling bridge that would cross the river and connect both office developments with Ogden Avenue, making for easy access for those coming from the Chicago Blue Line station, or the legion of Milwaukee Avenue bicycle commuters. In addition to the elevated bridge, South Street has also indicated interest in bringing a water taxi stop to the new development. South Street has teamed up again with Hartsthorne Plunkard Architecture for the design of the new $90 million project, which would stand at six stories and be raised over ground level parking.

There's no timeline just yet for when the project is expected to move forward, but one of the biggest challenges will be figuring out how to make the pedestrian and cycling bridge happen. According to South Street's Managing Principal Matt Garrison, the developer plans on finding as much private money as possible to bring the bridge to the area, which would no doubt be a huge benefit to connecting commuters to Goose Island.

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