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Here's How the Riverwalk Extension Will Change Chicago

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The Chicago Riverwalk is currently undergoing a massive $100 million construction effort that will extend the Riverwalk and completely transform the way Chicago residents and tourists explore downtown - and people can't wait for it to open. Not only will the new Riverwalk allow pedestrians to walk from Ogilvie Station to the lake uninterrupted, it will also bring new facilities and recreation spaces to the heart of the Loop. Here's some great footage of the Riverwalk extension work in progress:

Chicago Riverwalk Teaser from Sasaki Associates on Vimeo.

Construction of the extension won't happen overnight, however. The construction crews working on the Riverwalk extension have to work in tight quarters, have to deal with unexpected issues, and have had to perform the majority of the work from the water. They've also had to work around the issues that the massive amount of summer rainfall presented. Despite a few small setbacks, the current phase of the project is expected to wrap up early next year, according to architects Sasaki Associates, the lead designers of the extension.

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