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Wrigley Closed for the Season, Construction to Begin Monday

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rendering via the Chicago Cubs

Crews at Wrigley Field are moving everything out of the stadium this week in preparation for the massive construction effort that is slated to begin on Monday. The $575 million renovation project has been a very sore subject for some Wrigleyville residents, but primarily for the neighboring rooftop owners who have been fighting against the Cubs' leadership over new signage for months. Finally in May, the Ricketts family said "Enough is enough!" and released a public statement indicating that they were ready to move forward with the plan. A short while later, the Commission of Chicago Landmarks approved the plan, and any leverage the rooftop owners still thought they had vaporized. The rooftop owners filed suit in an attempt to stall the renovations, but the Cubs will begin construction in days.

For Opening Day 2015, the Cubs hope to have completed the expansion of the stadium's outfield bleachers, five outfield signs, and two video boards, the Cubs' spokesperson told DNAinfo. The team will begin the demolition of the left and right field bleachers on Monday.

Expect Wrigley Field and Wrigleyville to look very different when it reopens next year. In addition to the renovations at Wrigley Field, the Goose Island Beer Company has just yesterday announced that it will be closing its Wrigleyville brewery, after being at the location for 15 years. Goose Island founder John Hall has told our sister site Eater Chicago that a multi-unit apartment and retail development is expected to replace the brewery. The end of the 2014 season also marks the end of the Cubs and WGN's long-running partnership.

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