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Novak Construction Owner Demo'd Blue House Without Permit

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According to the City of Chicago, the demolition of the little blue house on Armitage was done without proper permits. The small 800 square foot home was built in 1886, and had become something of a relic in Lincoln Park, as the area directly surrounding the home is largely made up of mansions and condos. Last week, the home was demolished to the dismay of some Lincoln Park residents who appreciated the worker cottage for its staying power, despite how much the neighborhood has changed over the decades. However, it is now confirmed that the property owner demolished the home without proper permitting. The home was a post-Chicago Fire worker cottage, and after the fire, thousands of these homes blanketed the city. However, today they are not as common, and have become somewhat of an endangered species in the real estate world.

According to DNAinfo, John Novak, the owner of the little blue house and owner of Novak Construction demolished the house to make way for a larger 1,600 square foot home. Novak's son had occupied the home since it was purchased by the family in 2008. The city halted work at the site yesterday afternoon, but it is unclear whether Novak will face penalties. If he does, it won't be the first time that Novak has gotten into trouble with the city.

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