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Here's a New Look at River North's 100 W Huron Condo Tower

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Chicago's recent residential development boom has seen a lot of new apartment projects popping up around town, but very few new condo developments. Most likely, developers have been leery of the condo market after the previous residential boom and bust. At last, though, a few condo projects are starting to move forward in the downtown area, the latest of which is Akara Partners' 100 West Huron. The midrise tower headed for the corner of Clark and Huron streets will feature 28 units spread over ten floors, with what looks to be two floors of retail space. Now, a sales website for the project has gone live so prospective buyers can show their interest, including a a newer, less Miesian render than the rough cut we saw this spring.

While 28 new residences won't exactly tip the scales when 700-plus apartment units are going up around town, that's still one fewer parking lot in River North, a positive sign of diversity in the housing market, and some attractive infill with ample retail space in the one of the city's hottest neighborhoods.

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