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$5M Can Get You 11,000ft² on 11 Acres in Barrington Hills

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A couple of weeks ago, we examined how much $4 million can get you in the Chicago area. Hint: you can get a lot of home for that amount. So, what about $5 million? A quick search shows that you can get a large estate in upscale Barrington Hills. This 10,633 square foot home sits on a serene 11 acres, which includes scores of trees and a nice sized pond. The home was built in 1994, but looks like it was going for a more classic appearance. The interior is certainly flashy with its marble floors, intricate millwork and gold-colored dining room trim, but it's probably unfair to call it a McMansion. While $5 million may seem like a lot, a classic Chicago area mansion of the same size designed by a notable architect will set one back nearly double the amount.

·88 Otis Rd. Barrington Hill, IL 60010 [Redfin]