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Here's Another New McCormick Place Hotel On The Way

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[Render via Prairie District Neighborhood Alliance]

Hotels near a convention center. Who'd have thunk it? After many years of sitting in a construction dead zone, Chicago's McCormick Place finds itself surrounded by activity. And no doubt, the area is rapidly transforming before our eyes. As we've been covering lately, McPier, the semi-public organization that runs the convention center is about to ramp up construction on a huge project to build a new 10,000 seat arena, a huge Marriott Marquis hotel, as well as a new data center, all within blocks of McCormick. But now, an entirely different project to build an additional hotel and data center appears to be moving forward. A few months ago, McHugh Construction, the city's largest builder, submitted plans to develop a 650 room hotel on a piece of land it owns at Michigan and Cermak, right across the street from McCormick Place. Now, the neighborhood's community group PDNA has teased a new render of the project, indicating that the plan is moving forward.

The mixed-use development includes that 650 room, 27 story hotel, as well as an 8 story data center (the McCormick area is confusingly a hotbed for data centers), plus a low-rise half-block of retail space fronting both Cermak and Michigan. Interestingly, the entire project only includes 127 new parking spaces, all of which are designated for the data center and not the hotel. No worries though, a new CTA station for the area is well on its way.
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