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Grant Park's New Skate Park is Beginning to Take Shape

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{Photo via Grant Park Conservancy]

Hopefully you haven't forgotten about Grant Park Skate Park, the new redevelopment project going on at the south end of Grant Park that's transforming a soggy grass lot into a new landscaped community park as well as its namesake skating and bike obstacle course. It's not as glitzy as Maggie Daley Park, but the tens of thousands of college students who live in the south end of the loop should appreciate it all the same. Before Labor Day weekend, the Grant Park Conservancy posted a progress picture on Facebook, which shows a good amount of progress in only a few months and appears on-track for its November 2014 opening. From the perspective of the photograph it's easy to tell how great the elevated walkway at 11th Street will be for watching the extreme sports from a safe distance. Oh, and before you start throwing a rolled up newspaper at your screen and scoffing about youngsters, rest assured that this isn't being financed solely with tax dollars, and is largely funded privately.
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Grant Park

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