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Rahm Putting the Brakes on Large Signs Along Chicago River

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Just weeks after Mayor Rahm Emanuel floated the idea of creating an ordinance to prevent the installation of any new signs that remotely resemble the one Donald Trump placed on the front of his namesake tower in River North, the mayor is ready to move forward with a new plan to introduce protections from large signs along the Chicago River. Dubbed the Chicago River Corridor Special Sign District, the new ordinance will control the size, materials used and placement of large signs on towers that are located along the Chicago River. However, if passed, the new ordinance would not retroactively apply to the Donald's sign - it's going to be around for a while. Some think that the ordinance is the result of a personal battle going on between Rahm and Trump, but as the Tribune's Blair Kamin eloquently put it, "The five letters of the Trump sign — nearly as long as half a football field and more than 20 feet high — would be an eyesore even if they spelled out 'O-B-A-M-A.'"

According to the city's official press release, the ordinance is expected to be introduced next month, and its stated intention is to ensure that signs "do not detract from the character of the area, do not have a negative impact on the area, and do not create visual clutter." The ordinance would tie the size of signs to a building's height, would prohibit neon and flashing signs, and limit riverfront buildings to just one sign. The signs would also have to be placed at the very top of the building, just under the roofline, so that they're not in your face like Trump's. Say hypothetically, had Trump introduced his sign to the city council with the ordinance in effect, he would have had to reduce the size of sign from its current 2,891 square feet to 550 square feet. Donald says his sign is beautiful and popular, and while that may be debatable, one thing that's certain is that it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

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