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Where to Eat Fried Chicken; GQ Calls Chicago 'the Greatest Drinking City in America'; More

This week's top dish from Eater Chicago, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog...

AROUND TOWN—Have you heard that fried chicken is trendy? Eater rounded up 10 of the can't-miss fried birds in town right here.

AROUND TOWN—Chicago's drinking prowess is second-to-none, and GQ took note by anointing our city "the greatest drinking city in America."

WICKER PARK—One of the hottest burger restaurant chains in the country, LA-based Umami Burger, landed in Wicker Park this week to much fanfare. Go ahead, take a look around.

AROUND TOWN—Are you a displaced football fan looking for the best place to watch your beloved out-of-town team? Find your bar here.