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Frank Lloyd Wright's William Winslow House Now Just $1.7M

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It's another week, which means there's been a price chop on another classic Frank Lloyd Wright home in the Chicago area. But this time, it's not just any Frank Lloyd Wright home, it's the William Winslow House - Wright's first totally independent commission. While some Wright homes aren't the most practical spaces for daily living, or are very livable, but nearly devoid of their original Prairie School charm, the Winslow House represents somewhat of a middle ground.

The home has been completely restored, and it is very nice - almost too nice. Families with children and pets might hesitate about living in a piece of architectural history and potentially mucking it up. However, like several other Wright homes before it, the Winslow House has been on the market now for some time, and has now received multiple price cuts.

For the first time in 55 years, the home hit the market last December with an ask of $2.4 million. Just four months later, the home took its first sizable price cut, lowering its ask down to $2.04 million. Two additional price cuts later, the home is now seeking $1.699 million. Last week, we appealed to potential home buyers to save the George Madison Millard House in Highland Park, which has been languishing on the market for years, and is now priced at land value. Similar to the Millard House, the Winslow House just wants a new owner already. Will it be you?

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