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Whole Foods Lines Up Permit to Transform Former Dominick's

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Specialty grocer Whole Foods has received the official go ahead to begin transforming the shuttered West Loop Dominick's into one of its newest locations for Chicago. Whole Foods scooped up four Chicago stores in January after Dominick's abruptly shuttered all of its locations in the area last winter. Although local grocer Jewel was able to flip its former Dominick's stores and get them running in days or weeks, experts believed early on that Whole Foods would need to completely overhaul the interiors of each of its new stores, which would take upwards of a year to complete. According to the permit, Whole Foods will be spending just under $5 million on interior work at the former West Loop Dominick's store. West Loopers can breathe a little easier now, knowing that the new Whole Foods on Halsted is well underway and should be open sometime early next year.
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