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Author Gillian Flynn's Greystone Found a Buyer in Just 3 Days

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They say that the early bird gets the worm, and in this case, the early bird was very early. Located on a quiet stretch of Hoyne Avenue in the heart of the Ukrainian Village, this 2,500 square foot greystone was listed for only three days before it scored a contract. The home was scheduled to host an open house this past Sunday, but found a buyer before the open house took place. It's easy to see why this home sold so quickly. In an area where teardowns are common, and vintage homes are often rehabbed in the cheesiest way possible, seeing a 19th century home with much of its original millwork preserved so nicely is a breath of fresh air. The $769,000 ask wasn't bad either, considering that greystones in Logan Square are scooped up quickly for the same price.

UPDATE: A commenter suggested that the home belongs to author Gillian Flynn, and indeed, it does/did.

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