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Lakeview, West Town and North Center Lead City for Teardowns

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As the saying goes, out with the old, and in with the new, and the city's builders are rapidly demolishing old buildings and homes to replace them with something new. It's the natural progression for development, replacing decrepit old structures with something that's sound and profitable - they're called teardowns. Nearly every day a permit is issued to demolish a home in the city, but not every single home or flat that will be razed is a lemon. Some are actually significant in their own right for their history or architecture.
Take for instance this beautiful old farmhouse on Melrose Street. The home has been around since 1874, and has been preserved throughout the years, however it will soon be replaced with a new four-unit residence. Here's another 19th century home on Melrose which will also soon be demolished. In some cases, builders even prefer tearing down sizable pricey homes in Lincoln Park to make way for a newer, sizable pricey home.

In total, it is suspected that builders have torn down roughly 1,700 homes in Chicago since 2006, according to urban planner Steven Vance who operates the construction permit and data portal Chicago Cityscape. And to no surprise, Lakeview, West Town and North Center were the areas that witnessed the most teardowns. Not too far behind, Logan Square, Lincoln Square, Bridgeport and McKinley Park are all neighborhoods that have been rapidly replacing older homes with something new.

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