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Logan Square to Soon Sprout the City's First 'Urban Orchard'

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A blighted stretch of Milwaukee Avenue across the boulevard from the Illinois Centennial Monument may soon make way for Chicago's first "urban orchard". The property from roughly 2570-2592 N Milwaukee Avenue was once owned by the CTA, but is now controlled by the Chicago Rarities Orchard Project (CROP), an organization that has been working with NeighborSpace and the city's Department of Housing and Economic Development to transform the vacant property into a new public green space. Designed by Altamanu Landscape Architects, the new space will be anchored by an apple orchard and plaza. According to the Architect's Newspaper, construction of the new public green space is expected to start later this year. Once completed, CROP will manage the orchard, and the new plaza will feature special events and a farmers market. Together with the Bicentennial Improvements Project plan for the Centennial Monument roundabout, Logan Square's core is poised to become much greener in the coming years.

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