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See What Grant Park Looked Like Before & After Lollapalooza

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[photos courtesy of Reddit user theduffster89]

As we all known by now, the annual Lollapalooza music festival that draws hundreds of thousands of people to downtown Chicago has yet again left Grant Park in disrepair. Crews are still cleaning up the park, which is expected to cost Lolla organizers $1 million. The three-day music festival does have an economic benefit however, pumping tens of millions of dollars into the city's economy over a short period of time. One Reddit user decided to see what the park looked like before, during and after the festival, and took photos from the same vantage point each time to get a clearer idea of the effect 300,000 people can have on Grant Park. The results don't look too dramatic, but up close, the park certainly appears to be in rough shape. It will take some time until the park is back to its grassy green self, and come this time next year, Lolla attendees will be back en masse enjoying Chicago summer weather to the soundtrack of their favorite bands.

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Grant Park

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