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Checking In On The British School's New South Loop Campus

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Only two months ago, the British School of Chicagoand developer McCaffery Interests celebrated the groundbreaking of the new South Loop campus of the school, and today the school already has three of its walls and most of its steel skeleton. Construction has been progressing at a steady pace to be open on-schedule for the fall 2015 semester. The connection from the Roosevelt Collection's plaza level to the school's roof, which is set to be a park, is nearly complete already, and you can also see the incline of the northern staircase up to the park roof which has been controversial with neighborhood residents who claim the design is too steep and uninviting for being the main entrance to a public park.

Critics of the project will also most likely have something to say about how the south and east faces of the building currently have gray, featureless, bunker-style designs despite the renders and model shown of the design featuring a uniform exterior across all sides. Showplace Icon moviegoers, take note: the north elevator from the ground level to the theater is still disabled due to the construction, so foot traffic either needs to cut through the parking garage or take a several-block detour to enter from the south.

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