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Logan Square Studio Project Drops SRO, Becomes TOD

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Savoy Development, who unveiled a micro-apartment development for California Avenue in Logan Square in April has gone back to the drawing board and reintroduced the project at a community meeting Wednesday evening. Originally billed as California Studios, the project was initially presented as a SRO-style development with 66 rental units, with a large majority being 320 square foot studios. However, on Wednesday night, Alderman Joe Moreno and developer Enrico Plati wanted to make it very clear to attendees that the single room occupancy component has been scraped. Instead, the project will move forward as a transit oriented development, as it would be only yards away from the California Blue Line station.

The original plan called for 66 total units, with 63 being small studio spaces and the remainder being one bedroom rentals. However, the reworked plan changes the totals to 28 studios (which have been upped to 400+ square feet), 18 one bedrooms and 10 two bedroom units. Six units will be available as a part of the city's affordable housing ordinance. In addition to the changes to the residential component, the project will have 18 vehicle parking spaces, 60 bicycle parking spaces, a green roof and a chopped down commercial space. The building's fifth floor has been set back, and will not be visible from the ground level, and the the development will eliminate the curb cuts on California where a car wash currently stands.

All in all, the meeting was nowhere near as contentious as the first, although some in attendance still insisted that the development was too dense for the neighborhood. The development has been the target of flyering from neighborhood groups, stirring up emotions and spreading "misinformation" according to the alderman. Before the developer presented the changes, Alderman Moreno, who was in attendance, addressed the audience about this development and the changes coming to Milwaukee Avenue, stating, "I haven't decided where I am on this. I haven't made a decision. What I have made a decision on is that a development like this is proper and appropriate for Milwaukee Avenue. I want to set a precedent that I do support transit oriented development."

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