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WTF: A Parking Lot is Replacing the Lakeshore Athletic Club

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The Lakeshore Athletic Club is currently being demolished, and once completed, an entire city block of seriously primo real estate right off the Magnificent Mile will be available for development. But guess what's going to take the old athletic club's place? A parking lot. Yep, a stinkin' fenced parking lot. There's still a chance that something could eventually sprout at the location, but so far, the venture that owns the site has not hinted at anything. According to Crain's, the demolition of the shuttered athletic club was likely a strategic move, as the venture will not only be able to collect parking revenue, but it also will be able to pay lower property taxes. Ok, so it's not like the Lakeshore Athletic Club building was going to win any architecture awards or anything, but surely, there must be more to come - right?
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