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Strip Mall Lines Up Permits to Replace Piser Funeral Home

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The old Piser Funeral Home's days are numbered, as a strip mall is set to replace the shuttered building on Broadway. The strip mall plan has not been entirely well-received by area residents, but the new 20,000 square foot multi-tenant retail development is nevertheless moving forward. Operating as Broadway Foster LLC, developer Chody Real Estate Corporation received two building permits last Friday to begin construction of the one story retail development at 5210-24 N Broadway.

The modernist Piser Funeral Home has sat vacant for years, and a previous plan for a retail and residential development was halted by neighborhood opposition and eventually, the recession. So far, a Chipotle and PetSmart have committed to the new development, but there is still about 10,000 square feet of commercial space still available according to DNAinfo.

·5224 N Broadway permit
·5210 N Broadway permit
·Chipotle to Open at Former Piser Funeral Home Lot [DNAinfo]