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Google Gets Its New Glass at Fulton Market Cold Storage

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photos by Harry Carmichael for Curbed Chicago

In late June, workers began to install the old Fulton Market Cold Storage facility's new windows, and now, we have a nice look at the (nearly) finished exterior. The 550,000 square foot industrial-building-turned-high-tech-offices will eventually house hundreds of Google employees, along with the new global headquarters of local bicycle component manufacturer SRAM. In addition to the behemoth office space, the old cold storage facility will have a new neighbor that will feature a couple of notable restaurant offerings, including a steakhouse dubbed Armour & Swift and a Doughnut Vault from celebrity restauranteur Brendan Sodikoff. Now called 1K Fulton, as the development's exterior is approaching near completion, it's safe to say that the project is looking true to its rendering.

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1K Fulton

1000 W. Fulton St. Chicago, IL