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Door County's Most Expensive Home is a 35,000ft² Behemoth

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Known for being a popular weekend destination for Chicagoans and suburbanites for its relative close proximity and great outdoors, Door County, Wisconsin offers a vast inventory of getaway homes from quaint cabins to full blown behemoth mansions. Similar to many large homes in the Chicago suburbs, the recession has not been very kind to Door County. Enter this four bedroom, ten bathroom manse in Ellison Bay, which weighs in at a bonkers 35,000 square feet. According to the listing history on Zillow, the home was first listed for sale in 2009, at the height of the recession, for a mind-boggling $25 million. Fast forward to March 2012, the home was relisted for $19.5 million, a hefty $5.5 million price chop, but still, quite pricey nevertheless. After 11 months, the owners decided to chop that price in half, reducing the ask to $8.75 million. Several months and a couple more price cuts later, the mega-mansion can now be had for $5.9 million.

·2177 Porcupine Bay Rd, Ellison Bay, WI 54210 [Zillow]
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