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New Apartment Tower Cleared to Replace River North HoJo's

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[renderings courtesy of bKL Architecture]

The 35 story apartment tower intended to be built at the current site of the '50s-throwback Howard Johnson Inn doesn't yet have a name, but it has been cleared for takeoff. Generally referred to simply as "the HoJo tower" based on the motel it's set to replace, the 382-foot apartment tower is designed by bKL Architecture and features considerable retail space on the LaSalle and Superior streets it faces and a small pocket park on the Wells Street side. On Thursday of last week, the Chicago Plan Commission approved the project, so it can begin construction as scheduled early next year.

Earlier presentations of the building put the height at 398 feet but the final height submitted to the planning board is 382 feet, with three floors having been removed by the project developer and not at the request of the city, bKL Architecture tells us. Mac Management and Magellan Development are sharing development duties on this project, with Magellan taking a rare departure from the Lakeshore East neighborhood they've been developing themselves, and Hyde Park-based Mac Management branching into Downtown-area apartments for the first time.
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