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Hey, What's Going on at Halsted and Lake?

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From the Curbed inbox:

Good Morning Curbed Chicago, Do you have any more news on what's going on at Halsted and Lake?

I found the following information but the articles are from April 2014. I did see a pop up gallery type thing this weekend at the old hardware store at the south end of the block (Halsted & Couch) this past weekend. Apparently it was called "Winter and Construction".


In April, plans for a new Booth Hansen designed apartment tower at Halsted and Lake surfaced, and in July, developers Shapack Partners and Focus Development presented their plan at a community meeting in the West Loop. At the end of the meeting, Alderman Walter Burnett Jr. indicated that he planned to support the development based on the feedback from the meeting, and that it would move forward to the next step - a Chicago Plan Commission vote. Last Thursday, the Chicago Plan Commission approved the project, and starting at the end of this week, or early next week, the old hardware store which stands at the location will be demolished.

During this past week, the building served as a temporary pop-up gallery, where local artist Don't Fret's work was displayed. The exhibition ended yesterday. Developer Jeffrey Shapack has indicated that Shapack Partners and Focus Development intend on saving the Don't Fret Fulton Martket mural that is located on the side of the existing building, and will find it a new home somewhere inside the new 28 story residential tower that will take the old hardware store's place at Halsted and Lake. The mural may end up in the new tower's lobby or on the outdoor amenity deck.

With all of the major hurdles out of the way, construction of the new curvy tower is expected to begin early next year. Once completed, the new tower will feature approximately 9,700 square feet of ground level commercial space, 227 residential units with parking for 162 vehicles and about 60 bicycles.

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