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Surprise: West Loop Residents Don't Want Silly Fulton Arch

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Remember that Fulton Market District arch that the city wants to build at Fulton Market and Halsted to serve as a gateway marker for the neighborhood? Well, some West Loop residents are now calling on the city to keep the boxy $500,000 arch from going up. The decorative arch would be only one part of the $42 million Fulton Market Innovation District initiative, aka the controversial West Loop historic district plan. Attempting to evoke the area's history of packaging and distributing food, the Jacobs Engineering and Altamanu Inc. designed arch seems to only evoke frustration among residents.

Standing at 17 feet tall and 55 feet wide, the arch is supposed to serve as a marker for the neighborhood - similar to the ones in Old Town, Lincoln Square and Humboldt Park. According to DNAinfo, the money for the arch would come from the Kinzie Industrial Corridor TIF district, which had a balance of $70 million last year. As of now, the arch is expected to be completed by the end of the year, but we'll have to see if the area's residents put the brakes on the plan.
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