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Cornerspotted: Logan Square's Terracotta-Clad Mega Mall

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[before image courtesy of Eddie Dushman, Logan Square Preservation, after image Google Streetview]

Believe it or not, Logan Square's blighted Mega Mall was once a shiny, terracotta-clad Chevrolet dealership. This image from the 1920s depicts a Chevy store that was just one of at least a dozen of auto dealerships on Milwaukee Avenue between Fullerton and Sawyer. The stretch of Milwaukee Avenue began to change starting in the mid-late '60s when construction of the Logan Square line extension began. The neighborhood continued changing during the following decades and eventually the old building became part of the large indoor flea market that currently stands at the location. The Mega Mall is in for some big changes however, as a large new retail development is looking to take its place.
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