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Here Are 10 Homes That Have Been Listed for Over 700 Days

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When buying a home, most people will tell you that it's all about location, location, location. Well, location is certainly important, but they way you sell your home has a huge impact on how long the home stays on the market. These ten homes throughout Chicago are all very different but have one thing in common: they've all been on the market for more than 700 days. Some have terrible photos, others are being sold by their owners and some are just plain overpriced. There's even one that is just so expensive, it may be on the market for another two years, or possibly longer. These homes are desperately seeking a new owner, but have not been able to lure one. Why are these homes languishing on the market? You tell us.

6612 W George Street
Asking price: $239,900
Size: 3 bed, 2.5 bath (1,296 square feet)
The skinny: Here's one that has been on the market non-stop since 2009 - for 2,040 days! It's being sold as a short sale. Someone please rescue this home from its miserable existence.

3940 W Wrightwood Avenue
Asking price: $450,000
Size: 5 bed, 2 bath (2,500 square feet)
The skinny: Here we have a classic Chicago brick two flat in a gentrifying area. So what's going on here? Well, it's being sold by the owner - which there's nothing wrong with - but you know, after some point, you might want to reach out to a sales professional, right? The last line of the listing states in all-caps: REALTORS DO NOT CALL, CAN'T YOU READ STOP CALLING. So there's that. This one's been listed for 2,039 days. Yowza.

179 E Lake Shore Drive Unit 14W
Chicago, IL 60611
Asking price: $2.7 million
Size: 3 bed, 3.5 bath (2,982 square feet)
The skinny: Units in buildings on Lake Shore Drive generally offer incredible views, and a lot of times are in historic buildings. But this unit at the Benjamin Marshall designed 179 E LSD is having a hard time being sold. Is it the odd decor? Its ask has dropped half a million dollars since it was listed in 2011. The ask can stand to drop a bit more.

850 W Adams Street
Asking price: $650,000
Size: 2 bed, 2 bath (2,200 square feet)
The skinny: Here's another place being sold by its owner. One huge problem though. The photos are god awful, and no one can tell what the #%@! they're supposed to be looking at. Of course the description is laced with buzzwords and crap like, "The occupants are a perfect mix of A-listers and hipsters", but no one cares. They want to see some decent photos first. People want to buy your place, not play seven minutes in heaven. You'd think after 944 days with no bites, you might be doing something wrong.

40 W Schiller Street
Asking price: $559,500
Size: 2 bed, 2.5 bath (1,600 square feet)
The skinny: Have you ever signed up for an online dating service, to see a photo of a person and think, "Hey, not too bad", but then after meeting, they look nothing like they do in their photo? This old school Gold Coast pad seems alright, but with these photos, you just never know what you might actually end up getting. This one has been listed for 861 days.

401 N Wabash Ave Unit 89A
Asking price: $32 million
Size: 5 bed, 8 bath (14,260 square feet)
The skinny: Here it is, the big boss penthouse at the Trump Tower. It's not really languishing on the market per se, as it's more just too expensive for anyone to actually afford. Still, it's been listed for over two years and has not budged on the price whatsoever.

1312 N LaSalle Boulevard
Asking price: $3.199 million
Size: 4 bed, 4.5 bath (6,000 square feet)
The skinny: Imagine being this home's listing agent. From the outside, you're probably thinking, "Hey, not bad. A beautiful old stone home." then getting inside and being like, "Dear lord, here we go again." Clutter everywhere. The asking price has not budged one cent since it was listed in June 2012.

6513 W Raven Street
Asking price: $275,000
Size: 4 bed, 1.5 bath (1,250 square feet)
The skinny: This home has been on the market for 722 consecutive days. There's got to be a vintage lover out there who would love to call this place their home, wouldn't you think? Well, the listing does show that it was pending sale in June, but something must have happened and the deal fell through. Originally listed in June 2012 for $315,000, the ask has come down $40,000.

5752 S Blackstone Avenue
Asking price: $1.499 million
Size: 5 bed, 3 bath (3,500 square feet)
The skinny: Ok, so this home is in Hyde Park, which is great. The homes around the University of Chicago campus are great. Really, everything is just great. But, seriously, $1.5 million? Are we missing something? This has to be a joke, right? An ongoing 1,128 day joke apparently.

3835 W 84th Street
Asking price: $119,800
Size: 4 bed, 1.5 bath (900 square feet)
The skinny: You'll be seeing red in this home - the place is literally painted red everywhere inside. On top of needing a ton of remodeling work, the location maybe isn't the best either.