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Behold, the Redevelopment Plan for Logan Square's Mega Mall

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Logan Square residents may soon be getting the large grocery store they have been so desperately wanting - and much more, according to a new proposal from retail developer Terraco Inc. and brokerage firm Sierra U.S. The neighborhood's Discount Mega Mall, a large indoor flea market, could soon be transformed into a new development with over 166,000 square feet of commercial space. We recently spotted renderings that suggested that a Mega Mall redevelopment could be moving forward, and now, a full proposal details exactly what the new development would be comprised of. Dubbed Logan's Crossing, the new Mega Mall (aka Mega Mall 2.0) would be made up of 166,390 square feet of retail space and 426 total parking spaces on a 2.55 acre site.

The proposal breaks up the retail into a number of smaller spaces, but sets aside a 40,550 square foot space for a potential grocery store tenant and 45,000 square feet for a fitness center. Sierra U.S. is already trying to lure potential retail tenants to the new development. Designed by Antunovich Associates, the proposal has some parallels to the mega-sized retail development proposed for Broadway in Lakeview, but the Logan Square development would be much longer than that it is tall - stretching all the way down from roughly 2464 N. Milwaukee Ave. to 2534 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Logan Square has been in a state of flux over the last couple of years, and the proposal highlights some of the changes that have taken place in the neighborhood. It mentions Logan Square's nomination as one of the country's "hottest neighborhoods" from residential real estate brokerage and MLS site Redfin last year, as well as all of the happening restaurants and nightlife spots popping up throughout the area. And no doubt, developers have been proposing all sorts of new developments for the neighborhood. Just this year alone, the neighborhood has been the focus of a number of large new residential developments that include a 78 unit TOD on Armitage Avenue, a 120 unit apartment complex for Milwaukee Avenue, a studio development for California Avenue and more recently, a dual tower TOD featuring 231 residences and 7,100 square feet of ground level retail on Milwaukee Avenue, right next to the California Blue Line station.

In addition to these residential developments, the neighborhood may soon be receiving the city's first "urban orchard" and a radical redesign of the Illinois Centennial Monument roundabout. Logan Square is slated to get a new park along the 606 trail, and a completely updated and rehabbed updated Blue Line station at California Avenue. The nearby Lathrop Homes public housing project is also set for a complete transformation in the near future. Perhaps no other neighborhood outside of the greater downtown area has been the center of so much potential new development, and as the year progresses, we'll have to see what becomes of these planned developments for the quickly changing northwest side neighborhood. No doubt, the Mega Mall redevelopment will be one of the most important topics to Logan Square residents in the coming months.

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