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River North and Streeterville Discuss Future Transit Goals

On Wednesday of this week, an advisory committee made up of CDOT, CTA, and various planning organizations held an open meeting at the downtown campus of Loyola University to discuss the future of transit in the River North and Streeterville area of downtown. The group is seeking community voices and opinions on different ways that the transit situation can be approved for residents, employees, and visitors of this densely populated area. Chicago Streetsblog has a good rundown on the types of things discussed, but what was probably made most clear is that a huge number of residents of these areas are able to live without any cars, and that a higher priority needs to be placed on pedestrians and mass-transit customers when thinking about the future of transportation. Locals are encouraged to continue sharing their opinions on the matter as the city works to decide the best approach toward keeping the city moving as the times change.

· City Hopes to Beef Up Transit Service in Streeterville, River North [Chicago Streetsblog]