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Fulton Market Mural Will Find New Home in West Loop Tower

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A new 28 story residential tower coming to the West Loop will soon replace an old hardware store on Halsted, along with a new mural by artist Don't Fret - however, the project's developers have hatched a plan to save the mural from turning into a pile of rubble. It's always sad to see a great piece of public art get whitewashed, vandalized or destroyed, but in this case, the block-long mural that pays homage to the old Fulton Market will find a new home inside the tower that will take its place. According to Jeff Shapack of Shapack Partners, the team of developers who will build the new tower have been working behind the scenes with Johalla Projects and Don't Fret to repurpose the mural inside the new curvy Booth Hansen designed tower. Shapack is still not exactly sure where the mural will be located in the tower, but it could find a new home in the tower's lobby or the sixth floor outdoor amenity deck.

Starting this Saturday, the old hardware store at Halsted and Couch will turn into a week-long pop-up art gallery curated by Johalla Projects, and towards the end of the month, the building will be demo'ed and the permitting process for the new tower will begin. The developers hope to begin construction of the curvy tower in January, and once completed, the development will deliver 227 apartments and 9,700 square feet of ground level retail space to the booming West Loop.

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