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See the Latest Renders for the Lathrop Homes Redevelopment

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[renders by bKL Architecture via the Architect's Newspaper]

As the eventual redevelopment of the Julia C. Lathrop Homes moves forward, new conceptual renderings of the buildings that will sit alongside the project's historic New Deal-era structures on Diversey Parkway have surfaced. Spanning 32 acres, the $1.6 billion redevelopment of the old public housing project is being led by a group of stakeholders called the Lathrop Community Partners (LCP). Mega-developer Related Midwest is leading the effort and bKL Architects has been tapped for design duties of the new buildings that will serve as the "gateway" to the redeveloped Lathrop. The pair of new buildings on Diversey, just west of the Diversey, Damen and Clybourn intersection would stagger from three to six stories tall, with the taller ends of the buildings facing the busy intersection.

According to the most recent master plan, the Lathrop redevelopment will be comprised of 1,208 units: 504 market-rate, 212 affordable-rate, 400 dedicated to public housing residents and 92 existing senior housing units which will remain untouched. Of the 17 existing buildings located on the site north of Diversey, 14 will be rehabbed and preserved. However, the plan spares few buildings on the site south of Diversey. According to the Architect's Newspaper, the first phase of the massive project which includes the two new bKL buildings at Diversey, Clybourn and Damen and the rehabilitation of the original buildings north of Diversey is set to begin next year.

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