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Ann Lurie's Manse Returns to Market With a $1.25M Price Chop

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It's now been over a year since Ann Lurie listed her 18,500 square foot Gold Coast mansion, and the behemoth sized home has now received a new listing agent, new photos and a $1.25 million price chop. After languishing on the market for 10 months, Lurie's previous broker decided to split up the property and sell the 12 bedroom home separately from its side yard for $15 million. However, in doing so, the home never really took a price cut from its original $18.75 million if say a potential buyer wanted the entire property. They would have had to dish out an additional four million big ones to get the full monty. However, today, the large home returns to the market at $13.75 million, with an option to purchase the side yard for an unknown amount.

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