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Everyblock User 'Reveals' Absurd Plans for the Lucas Museum

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Chicagoans are both overwhelmed with excitement, and critically reserved about the city's latest big-name museum prospect - the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art. Some folks have decided to draft up spacey designs for the future institution, and others have taken to Everyblock to offer zany ideas for the future museum's design.

In one post made over the weekend, this Everyblock user suggests that the Lucas has finally unveiled his plan for the structure,

It will unify the crisp and angular elements of McCormick Place with the soft and roundish elements of Soldier Field's aluminum implant. Lucas said it will be a Yin and Yangy reflection of Chicago's bipolar character. An underground nuclear reactor will provide all the building's energy needs and pipes drilled under the lake will support a geothermal heating and cooling system so that the museum will be completely self reliant and pull energy from the local grid. A support fleet of turbo-charged hover craft will ferry museum visitors between Navy Pier, Monroe Harbor and the Northerly Island harbor thereby unifying the Chicago museum experience. Perhaps written as satire, or the person is seriously delusional - we can't tell. Either way, having hover crafts in Chicago would be much better than having Segways.
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