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Palatial Barrington McMansion Can Be Had At Palatial Discount

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Have you always wanted a palace of your own? Well, this 13,000 square foot McMansion in South Barrington may be no Buckingham Palace, but it is certainly no slouch on space with six bedrooms and nine baths. Just under 10 years old, this home has already had an exciting life. According to the brokerbabble, this manse was once featured on MTV's Cribs and an NBC segment. The home has gone on and off the market numerous times since April 2009, when it was first listed for $8.9 million. Today, the home is listed at $4.799 million - nearly half of its original asking price. There may be some wiggle room left, as this home has been languishing on the market for years.

·9 Brooke Ln South Barrington, IL 60010 [Redfin]
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