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Marijuana Dispensaries Coming to a Location Near You

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According to new regulations approved this week by the Chicago City Council, marijuana dispensaries could pop up almost anywhere in the city. Initially, officials had hoped to keep the dispensaries on the city's periphery, however according to the new ordinance, a dispensary could potentially open in downtown Chicago near busy shopping districts. Though the city's Committee on Zoning, Landmarks and Building Standards has made much of the city fair game for new dispensaries, it won't be a free-for-all. The new rules prohibit dispensaries from opening in residential buildings or from being within 1,000 feet from schools, and those seeking to open a dispensary will have to receive special-use permits and undergo background checks. The state has separated the city up into "townships" to ensure that the dispensaries are dispersed evenly throughout Chicago. Patients can begin applying for the state's Medical Cannabis Pilot Program in September, and those who are approved will be able to start smoking pot (legally) next year.
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