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And In this Home... Every Real Estate Broker's Worst Nightmare

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What has tall ceilings, a nice brick fireplace and the remains of dozens of lifeless exotic animals? If you guessed this home, then you are absolutely correct. One of the first rules of home staging for a listing is the removal of at least half of a home's taxidermied lions, tigers and bears, but apparently the owner of this home didn't get the memo. The River Forest home was built in 1926 and certainly has a Teddy Roosevelt vibe to it, although the broker babble actually compares it to Downton Abbey (oy vey). Ok, so the home is actually very charming in a vintage Bavarian or Black Forest way, and it even has a huge model train set in the backyard. What is not so charming is all of the dead animals staring at you from every corner. For $5.2 million this very uhm.. unique 7,000 square foot home can be yours.

·846 Ashland Ave River Forest, IL 60305 [Redfin]
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