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Streeterville's Robert A.M. Stern Tower to Come with New Park

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Related Midwest reps met with Streeterville residents last night to formally unveil their plan to build a new 67 story, Robert A.M. Stern designed tower in the neighborhood. First announced nearly two weeks ago, the tower would be the New York based starchitect's first for Chicago. The tall slender tower will contain a mix of residences, including 400 luxury apartments and 100 condo units. The plan also includes a 900 parking space underground garage, of which 400 of the spaces will be reserved for tenants. Although the tower is planned to be a mixed residence development, there will be no affordable housing or retail components. Chicago based GREC Architects has been tapped as the Executive Architect for the LEED Silver tower project. Stern may be known for his love of limestone in New York, however only the base of the tower will be clad in limestone and the remainder of the building's exterior will take on precast concrete. The proposal has been getting a lot of attention due to the high profile architect designing the tower, however one of the more striking components of the development is the makeover of the 1.7 acre park next door.
The 70,000 square foot park will be overhauled by landscape designer Michael Van Valkenburgh, and will include four separate areas which include a dog run and a children's play area. Valkenburgh, who is currently working with the city on the new Maggie Daley Park in Grant Park, will bring some of the whimsical elements found at Maggie Daley to this new park slated for Streeterville. The four areas include a "lawn bowl", which will be a recessed grassy space in the center of the park, a "play bowl" which will provide a play area for children, a tree-lined "grove" area, and finally the dog run. However, according to Related reps, the plan for the park could change if the size and shape of the tower is altered. If all goes according to plan, the earliest that construction of the tower and park could start would be sometime in the second quarter of next year.

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