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Developer Ready to Build Near North Side Luxury Condos

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Some new luxury condos are coming to the Near North Side in the form of a modern black monolithic building designed by KLLM Architects. Dubbed NOIR 1018, the development will include 1,275 square feet of ground level retail space, eight simplex condo units and a large penthouse at the top. The 1,800 square foot three bedroom, two bathroom condos will start at $670,000, and will include a garage parking space. Up top, the sixth floor four bedroom, four bathroom penthouse is looking to fetch $1.5 million. Zoning was just approved by the city, and developer Denali Development is expecting to break ground this fall. No word yet on exactly what will be in the retail space, but the developer mentions that residents have suggested a coffee shop or small market. Keep your eyes peeled for construction equipment, as the empty lot at 1020 N Larrabee will soon sprout this modern structure.