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Sweet Three Level Clybourn Corridor Contempo Seeks $1.28M

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Luxury homes are the bread and butter of Lincoln Park, but this three story contempo offers something just a little bit different from the stately manses found in the neighborhood. Located along the Clybourn Corridor, this three bedroom, three bathroom home sport tall windows and ceilings and unique finishes. The tall home is slightly narrow, so there's much more vertical space than sprawling ground floor space. The home was listed in May for $1.349 million, but has taken a small price chop since then. Included in the $1.279 million ask is three outdoor decks and parking for two vehicles. However, with living in the heart of the Clybourn Corridor, you'd be able to walk down the street for everything and anything.

·928 W Concord Place [@properties]
·928 W Concord Pl Chicago, IL 60614 [Redfin]