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$10M Harrison Red Line Station Makeover Taking Shape

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The CTA's Harrison Street Red Line stop has been closed for over a month now, undergoing a $10 million renovation that the underground station sorely needed. Aside from the expected tech upgrades, fresh tile, and a new coat of paint, what was interesting about the CTA's announcement of the renovations was the new design for the canopy structures planned for the sidewalk stairway entrances on State Street. A serious departure from the historic, black, iron canopies over most of the downtown area subway entrances, this new design is modern and angular, with red metal beams and riveted glass panels. Now, with the station scheduled to reopen on Monday morning, we get our first look at the beginnings of these new canopy structures in person.

They're definitely eye-catching, and reflect the changing demographic of the area which now skews heavily toward college students. Alright, so maybe it's not the flashiest of all the stations that are currently receiving or are slated to receive extreme makeovers. The 95th Street terminal is going to get a major overhaul, multiple Blue Line stations are getting updated, a completely new (and sexy) downtown station is in the works, and a nifty bypass for Belmont may possibly be in the city's future.

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