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Construction Underway for River Point's 730-foot Tower

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Construction is now underway for the 52 story office tower that will stand at the western end of the main branch of the Chicago River. A few months ago we were wondering just when work on River Point's tower would start, as the project's tunnel-plaza first phase has been finished for a while. At last, heavy equipment is now on-site and workers have begun digging the deep holes that will make up the tower's foundation. At 730 feet, River Point will be quite a bit taller than any of its near neighbors, which mostly fall in the 450-650' range. When the tower is completed in 2016, Chicagoans will find a practically re-engineered confluence area of the river as Wolf Point and 150 N Riverside will both have new towers and the Riverwalk expansion will stretch on. This area of downtown, which sits on the intersection of a few different blossoming neighborhoods, has received a lot of momentum lately and doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

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