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3 of the Newest & Most Contempo Homes For Sale Right Now

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Right now, there is an old vinyl-sided single family home somewhere in Chicago being demo'd to make way for a super posh, über contempo home. However, not all contemporary homes are created equal. The usual white cinder block and glass three unit structure can be spotted on any street in Bucktown, West Town, Wicker Park or even in Logan Square. However, the exterior isn't the only thing that matters. The interior has also got to say, "I am new, I am inspired by European design and I am here to party" as much as the building's facade. Here are a few brand new homes that are for sale right now that are some of the most contemporary in all of the city.

↑ 1940 W George Street For $1.475 million, this brand new three bedroom North Center home can be had. It sports a fireplace, large private roof deck and a kitchen that is the partiest kitchen ever to be featured on Curbed Chicago. Decked out with blue LED lights, the kitchen has a nightclub vibe going on (or possibly even a future Virgin Hotel vibe?). This home's listing agent must have had a lot of fun because most of the photos in the listing are pretty crooked. Hey, you can only do so many things at once with a Jägerbomb in your hand.

↑ 1923 W Huron Street Just completed this year, and listed for less than two weeks, this West Town four bedroom has a contempo twin next door. There's plenty of room for your minimal, Swedish-designed furniture here. This brand spankin' new home can be had for $1.17 million.

↑ 1923 W Wabansia Avenue This Wicker Park five bedroom is just so contempo, it kind of hurts - in a good way. Tall glass windows, white walls and woodgrain fixtures are spotted throughout this house. It also sports a pretty sweet deck and patio space. Oh, and it has an attached three car garage for your RS7 and Range Rover with space leftover for one more. For $3.2 million, this ultra-contempo dream home could be yours.