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Is This the Final Render for the Hunt Club Redevelopment?

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Developer Jim Lasky has recently received two building permits to begin construction of a new Gold Coast retail development that is planned to include an Urban Outfitters and a new fine dining joint called Maple & Ash, however various renderings of the redevelopment of 1100 N. State St. are floating around. Is this rendering of a three story stone and glass building the final design for the new project that will replace Viagra Triangle's Hunt Club? The render was spotted in a listing on the commercial real estate website LoopNet, which also indicates that the building is set to include over 19,000 square feet of retail space over three levels. So what about all of the legal issues that have been holding this project back? We received an anonymous email yesterday that suggests that the dispute over a removed billboard may not be resolved yet. We reached out to the developer for an update, but did not immediately receive a response.

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